All engagements start with a discovery process finding out exactly what your valuation needs are.

Private Residence Club sales team is comprised of industry experts — people who grew up in the trenches and truly understand the importance of accurate and reliable real estate information. They will talk to you as a consultant would — asking questions and listening to better understand your needs, risk tolerances, decision processes and IT infrastructure. You might need a standard valuation product; or you might have some special instructions, unique delivery needs or other requirements that the process will uncover.
The final result is that you get your valuation product — designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Vendor Scoring/Order Assignment Matrix.

Private Residence Club uses a comprehensive rating system to maintain updated scores on each real estate professional in our Vendor Network.
The score includes criteria such as proximity, quality, turn time, capacity, case load and responsiveness.
We subject each report to a quality checklist.
This creates a regularly updated aggregate quality score for each vendor. Significant weight on quality ratings are reflected in the vendor’s overall score.
This directly affects the number of orders an individual vendor will be offered through the Private Residence Club order matrix.
Our system creates a competitive environment which promotes superior quality and turn times.
Through real-time scoring of quality and turn time, vendors are able to compete for orders, while those who score below minimum requirements
remove themselves from the order invitation process.